When you don’t know what to look for in a magazine

by Tom Hickey title The most recent magazine cover of the year article by Peter Travers article By Peter Traves The latest edition of TIME magazine, released Monday, is titled “People.”

There are some pretty stunning images, but the title of the article is what really grabs our attention: “How People Became People.”

TIME magazine has never before called a cover “People” and never will, but it’s the title, and its placement, that make the title seem especially significant.

What does this mean?

It means that the cover of TIME’s latest issue is a reference to the magazine’s readership, its readership that’s always been a core focus of TIME.

Time’s readers are not only the magazine itself, but also the many magazines it publishes in a myriad of forms and formats.

The cover is an image of the magazine, the cover is a representation of Time magazine, and that’s a fundamental truth about the magazine.

How do we know?

Because the magazine is named People.

In the book “What Does It Mean to Be a Human Being?” by Susan A. Zwick, one of the foremost philosophers of the age, she explains that it means something to be a human being.

The word “human” has a very specific meaning in this context, as it can mean a person, a human person, human life, human beings, human history, human nature, human existence.

So how do we make sense of a title like “People?”

This is a title that appears in almost every magazine cover since the 1920s, as well as in most modern editions of the bible.

In fact, TIME is the only magazine in history that has never been named People in its cover title.

And while it has changed a few times since the late 1800s, TIME has always been the magazine that people read.

But what about the other titles that have changed since Time’s debut?

In the late 1960s, the title was “The American.”

In 1977, the name was “Life” (not to be confused with LIFE magazine, which is a much more popular title).

The title changed again in 1993, when it was “World.”

And in 1998, the “Man” was “Human.”

The titles have remained stable through time, and in fact, the magazine has not changed the title in nearly two decades.

But since we are now living in an age of social media, we need to look to the past and ask why TIME chose the title “People”?

What do readers and readers of other magazines think of the title?

The question that comes to mind is: “Why?”

Why does TIME use a title with a clear connection to its readers?

And in this case, readers are readers of all sorts.

The title of Time is an expression of Time, which itself is an identity that is constantly changing.

TIME has never named Time.

It’s a constant reminder of the changing nature of the word “time.”

The title is also an expression.

Time is the magazine in which we read about the human condition, our lives, our thoughts, our ideas, our feelings.

The name “Time” has been around since at least the mid-1800s, but Time is a very recent title, one that has only become more so over the past two decades or so.

It is a name that has become so important that it has become part of the lexicon of the modern world.

In that sense, the word Time is also a name of a very old tradition, one dating back to ancient Greece.

Time was originally called “The Year of the Horse,” a title for the year when the Greek gods were called “Horse-Priests” and the Roman city of Syracuse became a sanctuary for the gods.

It was also called “Day of the Dead,” or “Day After the Night,” because it was the day of the dead that the dead were buried in a mass grave in Syracuse.

In the same way, Time is now a name for a very different kind of thing: time travel.

Time travel is a term that dates back to medieval times, when travelers would travel back in time to take pictures of their loved ones or their loved places.

Time travels have always been an important part of our everyday lives, but now that we are living in a world of social and media media communication, we live in an era when it is becoming increasingly difficult to make time travel a part of everyday life.

TIME is an important, and very recognizable, name.

It has become an important word in the lexicography of our time, but what does this name mean to us?

Time is a word that refers to time itself.

TIME refers to the constant, ever-changing nature of our lives.

It also refers to a constant, always-changing world that is changing in ways that we can’t see.

It refers to an ongoing cycle of events that are constantly happening

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