‘Playboy’ magazine reveals ‘bombshell’ on ‘bachelor party’

Playboy magazine published a story today that will make the news!

Playboy’s “Bachelor Party” story will be in the magazine this week.

It will have a cover that reads, “On the evening of March 10, a party went awry and ended up in a bachelorette party.”

This is a bombshell.

Here’s the story in full: The night of March 8, 2006, my best friend and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary.

The party started with some friends and I dancing and joking around at our table.

We enjoyed the night, and we made some plans for the evening.

When we arrived home from the party, the music was playing and we were in our beds with our hearts full of love.

We were all excited to see the beautiful bride from our past, and our new friends were too.

We walked to our bedroom and saw her waiting there waiting for us, looking gorgeous.

The only problem was that she had a secret.

She had already gotten engaged to her best friend, Chris, who is her husband.

She was wearing a white dress and a white nightgown.

When I walked in to her bedroom and asked if I could take her home, she said no.

She said she was tired of me, so I asked her what was wrong.

She told me that she was worried about me because I didn’t come home after she had gone out with Chris.

I was so upset and embarrassed.

I told her I wasn’t going to make it to Chris’ wedding.

She started crying and said, “I have to tell Chris.”

I asked if it was true that I was afraid to leave my best man Chris.

She didn’t want to talk to me because she was so happy and she knew I was with him.

I asked why I was doing this, and she said I had to come home.

When she came home, I was stunned.

She kissed me and told me she loved me.

I said I love you too.

She then said she would make sure that I get married again.

I had so much love for her, and I was heartbroken.

It made me cry.

But I was just glad to see that I loved her and that we were getting married again, and that I could have her as my husband.

We got married the following year, on June 10, 2007.

After the wedding, we had a nice weekend together, and all of our friends came to see us.

She wanted to go to a friend’s house.

She went to the friend’s place, and Chris called and told her that we could get married.

So we did.

Chris and I got married two weeks later.

When the wedding was over, I went out for a walk with her.

I could tell that she wanted to stay with Chris, but she didn’t think that Chris would be okay with us.

I also realized that I still didn’t like her, so when I saw her in her white dress, I decided to let her know.

I walked to her door, and when I opened it, she was sitting in the chair.

I just wanted to hug her.

As I was walking to the door, I could hear her crying.

She hugged me and said she loved Chris, and he is so sweet.

I felt so bad that she felt that way about me.

When they went to get married, we both had to say our vows in the chapel.

After I said my vows, she kissed me.

After she kissed Chris, I kissed her.

She got so upset because I had kissed her in front of Chris.

But we were married anyway.

She and I have been together for more than 15 years.

It was a really special time for us.

We started dating, and the next year we were able to start dating.

I love her.

We had fun, and had so many memories together.

She has her own wedding dress, and every year I think of how beautiful that dress is.

We are in our 60s now, and my heart is filled with happiness and joy.

I can’t believe that we got married!

I just wish that I had known this before.

The “Bacheloretts” star and reality show star, Ryan Seacrest, wrote the story for the magazine.

He and actress Olivia Munn are currently dating.

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