How to remove xposed,popular and russian magazines from Google Play

Google has removed popular magazine xposed and popular popular magazine popular from the Google Play store.

Google said the two magazines have been removed due to security reasons and they were “not safe for everyone”.

The removal of popular magazines and popular apps was announced in February, as the latest version of the Play Store came into effect in March.

Google Play has long been known for its popularity with Android users, and its latest update brings it a step closer to the desktop versions of apps.

Google’s security team has made it clear that the apps in question will not be removed as long as they’re not “in breach of any terms of service”.

The company added that the Play store is “not a safe environment for people to create, publish, download or share apps that contain malware”.

The search giant said it was “reviewing” popular and popular magazines to determine whether they’re safe to access and use.

The popular magazines xposed , popular and russia magazine all appeared on Google Play and had previously been removed by the company.

Google has been accused of making it difficult for users to find the magazines, which often feature content from the Russian government and the military.