‘Crazed’ for gaming magazine ‘Cracked’ to print in new issue

DALLAS (AP) ”Crazing for gaming magazines is just the latest thing that we’ve seen lately,” said Craig Smith, executive editor of the National Geographic magazine.

”I have never seen the news media so obsessed with a single topic.”

Smith said the magazine has been the subject of some criticism for running a cover story in December on the alleged link between video games and psychosis.

A previous cover story about video games for National Geographic ran in January 2015 and featured a story about a woman who said she was addicted to video games, a common complaint for some gamers.

The magazine has also run stories on the rise of the Ebola virus, the Zika virus and other threats to American democracy.

The latest issue of National Geographic was originally slated for distribution by the Associated Press on Friday but was postponed until Monday.

Smith said the news was pushed back because of the pandemic and the need to focus on health issues.

The cover story on gaming magazines features a graphic depicting a person using a gaming device to kill zombies and a skull.

The article is titled ”Video Games Are Not the Answer for Everyone, But That’s OK.

They Are Here to Stay.”