Why Victoria magazine is not getting a new editor

By KEVIN STANFIELD, News24Victoria, Australia – Victoria’s new chief editor, Kate Martin, said on Friday she was confident her new employer would deliver the magazine’s best-selling and most influential work.

In a news conference, Ms Martin said she would be able to “deliver the magazine I love and care about in a more efficient and responsive manner”.

“It’s a challenge, but I know I can deliver the best Victoria is about in every way,” Ms Martin told the ABC’s Victoria Morning program.

She said the magazine would continue to publish an eclectic range of topics including arts, culture, history and fashion.

“This magazine has the potential to be one of the best places to be in Victoria for people of all backgrounds and all ages,” she said.

“We’ll be able use a broad range of voices to make our voices heard.”‘

It’s going to be a tough sell’A source close to Ms Martin confirmed the magazine had already signed a new contract for 2017-18, and that she was in talks with a third party to continue to run the magazine.

“The contract has not been signed yet but Kate is committed to the magazine as the next editor,” the source said.

The news comes after the Victoria’s Public Interest Foundation and other media groups expressed concern about the future of the Victoria-based magazine.

In its annual report, the foundation said it was concerned the Victoria Magazine was losing its independence, and was struggling to make money.

“Victoria Magazines core mission remains that we make sure that the voices of our readers, writers and artists are heard,” it said.’

A little bit of everything’Ms Martin said the decision to hire a third-party editor was not an “opt-out”.

“Kate Martin is the first woman to be Victoria’s new editor and she is confident she will deliver the highest quality of content for readers of Victoria,” she told the program.

“In a lot of ways, it’s a little bit like a little little bit in everything.

We’re going to have to think very carefully about the editorial direction of the magazine.”