Why the new d magazine will not be a competitor to print magazines

India’s new d-magazine will not compete with the print editions, according to publisher Prabhjot Singh, who was named the head of the magazine’s editorial department last week.

Singh, who is also a senior journalist, said the d- magazine will offer its own digital service, which will include more than 300 digital features and video content, and will include news stories and feature films.

The new dmagazine has been announced as the country’s first digital-first print magazine, which is expected to launch in 2019.

Sing h said that dmagazines will not become print magazines, but will be dedicated to new types of publications and digital publishing that will help consumers access new media and create new products and services.

“D-magazines in India have not been part of the print industry for a long time, but they will now be part of a digital publishing ecosystem.

The digital platform will be the platform to create new digital content.

And it will be a platform for the digital platform to develop digital media and for the content to be able to be shared, shared, disseminated and accessed by people across the country.

dmag is also aiming to develop a platform that will be able be a hub for content and services across digital media.dmag will also have a digital content strategy, which includes creating a platform to promote digital content across all of the dmag platform, and a platform where content and features from dmag can be shared,” Singh told NDTV.

The magazine will also develop its own publishing model and will be an imprint for the magazine, Singh said.

“We will be creating our own publishing platform to launch dmag magazine.

We are looking at a publishing model that will allow us to publish content for the d magazines,” he said.

The move to digital-only dmag comes at a time when print magazines are losing their readership in the country, as they are struggling to keep pace with the digital revolution.

This comes after the rise of social media, as people share stories, and even news, via mobile devices.

This has given new meaning to the term “newsprint,” as it is increasingly seen as the future of news.

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