When the White House shuts down, the Senate will be left with no alternative

The White House is facing a shutdown on Feb. 4, but that won’t stop lawmakers from trying to get the government back up and running.

The Senate is set to begin its second week of debate on a bill to fund the government and reopen government operations after an administration-backed shutdown that ended Jan. 20.

The vote comes as President Donald Trump has said he won’t accept a government shutdown unless the country pays its bills and the government is allowed to reopen.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate would take up the legislation as soon as it was done.

The shutdown is expected to last until March 6.

If Congress fails to pass a spending bill by March 3, the government will be shut down until then.

If lawmakers fail to pass another spending bill in time, the White the White house will be closed until March 5.

The House, which passed a short-term spending bill on Dec. 18, is also set to return to normal on Feb, 5.

Democrats have been pushing for the House to pass the measure, and Republican leaders are expected to push for the bill to be sent to the Senate, but the Whitehouse has told the Senate it won’t move forward with it.

Democrats are also pushing for a short stopgap measure to keep the government open until after the election, but they have so far been unable to get any GOP support for their proposal.

If the WhiteHouse passes the bill, the House and Senate would have to agree on a new funding bill to reopen government, and Democrats and Republicans would then have to work out a deal on a longer-term funding bill.

If they don’t, the entire government would shut down again.

If Republicans fail to agree a spending package by March 4, the full government would be shut off again.

The deadline for a new government funding bill is March 4.

If a government funding deal is not reached, the U.S. government will go into default, and the U,S.

Treasury will default on its debt.

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