When LEGO Magazine launches on Android

Posted September 20, 2018 10:18:16LEGO Magazine, the company that publishes the popular and critically acclaimed magazine LEGO, is getting a new look and better layout.LEGO’s new look is coming to Android, where the magazine’s print edition is available.

The company is making the redesign available as a free app for users of Android phones and tablets, with a dedicated page on the app’s home page.LEGOLAND magazine will be the first to see the redesign, which was announced last week.

The redesign is designed to make the magazine more accessible for younger audiences, with some of the elements including a new layout and a new section called “What’s New”.”LEGOS MAGAZINE is about exploring the world of technology and the future of design, and we’re excited to bring this exciting new look to Android,” said Eric Lippmann, editor-in-chief of LEGOLAND Magazine.

“With this new design, we’ve brought a new feel to the magazine that makes it accessible for everyone, whether they are just getting into the world or have an established career in technology.”

Lippmann said the redesign would be rolled out gradually to other platforms, including iOS and Windows, and that the company was working on “a way for Android users to find LEGO magazine on their phone and tablet”.LEGO has already been seen on Android phones, but the new look has been seen as an opportunity to expand the publisher’s reach across the globe.LEGENDS magazine has seen its print edition launch on the iOS platform, with the app currently available on iOS devices.LEGERMAN MAGAZINES is a popular news magazine with a circulation of nearly 40 million, and is also available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.