When ‘jet’ gets the red power magazine cover, you’re in for a treat

In an era when people are starting to feel the effects of climate change, many people are getting ready to get into a jet-powered life.

That’s where the Jet Magazine, an app-only magazine, comes in.

This year, Jet Magazine got the red-power magazine cover that makes a jet look like a red-hot stove.

The magazine is available on the App Store and Google Play.

“When I read about it, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t wait to have this magazine,'” Jet Magazine founder and editor Josh Boren told Recode.

“I mean, if it’s just for people in their homes, you have to be crazy to buy one.”

Boren and Jet Magazine’s design team spent about a year building the app.

Jet Magazine uses a jet engine to power its magazines, and the app lets users take pictures of the jet engines while they’re charging.

Jet magazines, which launch at the end of the month, also include articles about jet engines and the jet’s history, the Jet Museum, and Jet Racing.

Boren said the magazine will be a “nice little addition” to a growing number of Jet apps.

“The app is so much fun to read,” Boren added.

“It’s just a great way to share a hobby with a bunch of people.”

Jet Magazine has already gotten attention from Jet CEO and co-founder Michael Schuster.

“There’s a new kid on the block,” Schuster said.

“Jet Magazine is a great app for the Jet community and the people who care about the Jet brand.”

Jet magazine is currently available on Android and iOS, and it’s also available in other markets.

Baren said Jet Magazine will be available to download for free for a few months.

Jet’s first app, the Airplane Magazine, is already available on Google Play, but Boren thinks Jet Magazine is just the beginning.

“We’re excited to have the Jet magazine app out on the Google Play store,” he said.