When a diamond was so rare, it was called a diamond worth ‘tens of millions’

The diamond ring of actor-director Vishal Bhardwaj.

The diamond ring, with its gold plated sapphire and diamonds inlaid in a silver chain, is said to have been the most valuable diamond ever.

According to a report in the Indian newspaper, The Sunday Express, the ring was made by an American jeweler who bought it at auction in Mumbai, where he lives, and brought it back to India.

“It was bought from the dealer, who brought it to India with a message for the owner,” the report said.

The ring has a ring-shaped diamond ring with an ornate design. “

The ring was brought to Mumbai, the owner of the diamond seller said.”

The ring has a ring-shaped diamond ring with an ornate design.

The diamonds in the chain are made by a local jeweller and are worth about ‘tenths of millions’.

The diamond is said by the newspaper to be worth at least ‘ten million rupees’.

The jeweller, who declined to be named, told the paper that he had bought the ring at auction.

The jewellers owner is also believed to have taken the ring to India and brought back the diamond to Mumbai.

The owner, who has not been named, said he sold the ring for Rs. 4 lakh, but that the seller is not willing to return it.

“We are not willing.

We want the ring back.

We will get the money back,” he said.

A similar story was reported by The Indian Express last month.

A report in a daily newspaper in the US state of Illinois, The Courier-Journal, quoted an anonymous source as saying that the ring had been sold for at least Rs. 20 lakh and was worth around ‘tEN MILLION’.

“The ring is in mint condition.

There is no evidence of wear,” the source said.

“It has a diameter of 18.7 mm and weighs just over 10 grams.

The ring is a very nice, rare piece of jewelry,” the paper quoted the source as telling the paper.

The ring’s owner, a jeweller from Delhi, told The Sunday Mirror, however, that he could not confirm the report.