How to save $10 on your next meal

What if you were to put a new $10 meal order on your credit card?

Well, that would be pretty exciting.

It would mean that you could save $100, or even more, on your groceries.

And you’d also be getting a $5 coupon, too.

That’s right, if you place an order at the restaurant, you can receive a free meal from the restaurant.

The restaurant, in turn, gets a $10 credit towards the $5 you’re getting.

It’s a neat idea, and it works.

But the reality is, you might be paying $50 more or less for the meal, and the restaurant is making a bit more money.

So how does this apply to your grocery shopping?

The answer is, not so well.

For one thing, this meal coupon is tied to the amount of money you’ve already spent.

So if you spend $20 on groceries, and you don’t end up spending $20 more, you’re likely paying more.

So even if you’ve spent $50, the meal isn’t getting you anywhere.

It’s tied to your previous purchase, so you’re paying more for it than you would for a $50 meal.

That could mean you’re spending more than you’re saving.

And that could mean your grocery bill is going to be higher.

So the takeaway is that, even if your food order ends up costing less, it’s unlikely to get you much more than the restaurant’s free meal.

And while this meal is technically a freebie, you could end up paying more than that if you want to spend more on groceries.

And, as a result, you’ll end up buying more groceries.