How to get more exercise: 5 tips for getting more exercise

MAD magazine is one of the best fitness magazines around, and the latest edition comes with an all-new layout and redesigned website that brings the magazine in line with the new Fitocracy app, a fitness-tracking tool for the iPhone and Android.

Mad has also announced a new subscription service, which it says will give subscribers access to a “massive” library of workouts that it has “taken to heart from its own readers.”

The app, launched earlier this month, allows users to track their activity and access all of the magazines’ content for free, and includes a monthly newsletter for subscribers.

Mad also announced an online store with an exclusive selection of fitness products for the first time, including an app for iPhone and iPad that will be released later this year.

Mad will continue to grow its subscription base, as well as its ad revenue through its website, with more than 200,000 subscribers now signing up for the service.

For more information on the magazine, check out the release below.