How Italy’s first full-blooded Serie A game went wrong

After the last game of the first half against Udinese, the coach was told that the referee had a “serious problem” with his call and that the match would not go ahead.

The result was not very good.

But after Udinese’s second goal, which came in the 70th minute, they were rewarded with the win.

In the game itself, the referee was awarded the match and the referee who had called the match had to take a breath to get his mind right.

And he did not do so well.

After Udinese scored the equaliser, the second half was a game of attrition and the scoreline was not in the control of either side.

There were too many shots, too many tackles, too much physical contact and it was too difficult for the referee to make a decision.

After the match, the player responsible for the decision had to give a very short press conference to explain why he had made the decision and it seemed to have worked.

In this, the first match for Milan, the match was played as planned but, after Udini had equalised, the team captain was taken off, leaving Milan with the choice to go for the jugular or for the penalty shootout.

They opted for the shootout and the goal was not a very important one, but the result did not help Milan’s standing in the Serie A standings and they were left with a disappointing 2-2 draw at the Stadio Olimpico.

There was no point talking about Milan’s result, only the referee’s, and the result could have been much worse.