Glock 43 and Glock 43 Compact pistols with folding sights The GLOCK 43 is one of the newest models in the AR platform, with its patented folding sight.

The AR-15 platform has become popular in countries including Germany and the United Kingdom for the Glock 43.

With the latest Glock 43 pistols, you can enjoy the versatility of a semi-auto, and the price tag of less than $600.

There are a few key differences between the two platforms.

Both platforms use a semi, so you will need a slide lock.

The GLock 43 comes in two models, the 43S and 43S Compact.

Both are available in stainless steel and polymer, and they are available with or without a folding sight (the latter is only available in the 43C Compact).

All models come with a standard 30-round magazine, a high-capacity 9mm magazine, and an optional 9mm pistol grip.

The 33-round Glock 43 comes with a pistol grip that can be used in the field.

We are not going to dive into all the details, but there are a couple of key differences to consider.

One is the length of the pistol grip, and that is the difference between the Glock and the GLOCK models.

The Glock 43 is designed to be used with either a 30- or 33-inch grip, while the GLock 44 is designed for a 34-inch or 36-inch.

The gun is available in three sizes.

The compact 43S is only 6 inches tall and weighs just under 11 ounces, while a 43S with a folding pistol grip is 8.5 inches tall, weighs 18 ounces, and is 7 inches shorter.

The pistol grip also comes in black or white, and you can customize it with a red dot, or you can purchase the gun with a holographic red dot sight.

For a quick reference on the differences between models, we have listed the size below.

The 43S compact comes in a small, light gray plastic frame.

The price of the gun is $699.00 for the 33- and 36-inchers, and $1,399.00 and $2,999.00 respectively.

The 44S Compact comes in light gray with a black frame, and costs $1

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