Gaming magazines are being censored in Australia

Updated April 25, 2018 13:15:26 A gaming magazine is being censored by Australian media outlets in a bid to prevent it from being used to promote an anti-LGBTQ campaign.

The gaming magazine, Grognard, has been cited by the ABC as a reason why it is being banned from using its website to promote the Anti-Bullying and Stigma campaign.

“The reason we’re banned is because is not an organisation that has the moral right to promote hate and prejudice,” the Australian reported.

“It’s a platform that helps individuals and organisations talk about their experience and their experiences around bullying.”

Grogndag has been around since 2006 and is known for publishing articles on topics such as bullying, self-harm and transgender issues.

It has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel.

The Australian has contacted Grogmond for comment.

The online publication was cited in the ABC’s article as having “a long history of supporting social and political causes, including LGBT rights”.

The ABC’s website, which describes itself as “the leading source for Australian and international news, analysis and commentary on Australia’s current political and social issues”, said it “does not endorse any particular political viewpoint or agenda”.

The Australian reported that “it also has a long history supporting social justice and equality issues”.

The company is one of many in the industry that are pushing back against the anti-bullying and anti-transgender campaigns.

One such organisation, GLAAD, said the magazine had “failing standards”.

The anti-harassment website has received “substantial support” from the gaming industry and GLAAS has a “deep concern” about the issue.

“If you’re a gamer and you’re not aware of these issues, then you’re at risk of being bullied,” GLAAd said.

A Grogtown spokeswoman told the ABC: “The content is not in the game itself but is shared by other members of the community on Grogneck and the community does discuss the issue in”

“Grognard has a history of being an inclusive, welcoming and accepting community, and we are very proud of that.”

Ms Grogard said she was “deeply concerned” about what the publication had done.

“There is a real need for this platform to be free of harassment and abuse and to provide a platform for those who are experiencing the same,” she said.

“But this platform has the ability to be used for advocacy work that has been critical of the issue, and to share experiences of bullying and harassment, and I believe this has been the case.”

“I’m not against the issue of bullying, I’m against the stigma associated with it.”

She said the content was not being censored.

“We have to be able to speak up for our community without being told we don’t have the right to do that,” Ms Grogdard said.

GLAad and Groggard have a “zero tolerance” policy on bullying.

“I am not against those that are the targets of bullying,” Ms Fardella said.

Ms Farkas said the company was in talks with Australian media organisations to get the magazine back up and running.

The magazine has not responded to ABC requests for comment at the time of publication.