F1’s tyre supplier, Renault, to partner with F1 sponsor for 2018 title race

By Adam Bienkovs | 06 April 2018 07:07:03By Adam BiankovsF1 has signed an agreement with Renault for the 2018 season. 

The partnership will see Renault-branded tyre suppliers Renault-Nissan and Renault-Porsche join the sport’s tyre arm.

The Renault-Renault deal comes after a number of teams have already agreed to sell their 2017 tyres to Renault for up to £6m.

The partnership marks a significant shift in the tyre market for the sport. 

Since 2013, tyre supplier Renault has been part of the FIA’s tyre programme and has been a partner of the sport since its inception in 1991.

The F1 tyre supplier is also currently a partner with Ferrari for the 2016 season, as well as the FIA World Endurance Championship.

The team has been running F1 tyres since the introduction of the World Endurance Trophy in 1999. 

F1’s tyres were developed in-house by the team and are used in the F1 engine and gearboxes. 

They are made by Michelin and come in three different tread sizes. 

Each tyre is made up of a layer of rubber, which is sandwiched between a layer which has been heated and a layer that has been cooled. 

Racetrack engineer Paul Tracy said: “The tyre manufacturers are committed to ensuring that F1 is run as well and safely as possible, and that the safety of all stakeholders is paramount.”

This partnership marks an important step forward for F1 and we are confident that this will provide the fans and drivers with the best possible conditions for racing.

“We have been keen to partner and work with Renault-backed tyre manufacturers over the years and we look forward to further developing this partnership for the future.” 

The Renault partnership comes after the French manufacturer signed a deal with Ferrari for the 2017 season.

The FIA has previously confirmed that a number more teams are interested in working with Renault, including Williams, Haas, Williams F1, Williams-Renaults, Renault-Sauber, and Renault. 

Renault is also in talks with Ferrari, and the pair will soon be joined by McLaren, which signed a contract with Renault in 2019.

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