Boy Scout: “You Can’t Do That”

Boy Scout leaders say it’s OK to wear short pants in some circumstances.

That includes when it’s summer, when there’s a heavy foot traffic in a building or a parade.

But they don’t think it’s appropriate to wear shorts or shorts high.

Boy Scout leader Mike McGovern, who leads the Boy Scouts of America’s southern region, told Time magazine that in some places, he would prefer to be able to wear the shorts.

Boy Scouts, however, say they are comfortable with the way they dress.

Boy scouts are being asked to dress like their scout troops.

They’re also being asked by parents to use “appropriate” language.

But, Boy Scouts leaders say, they’re not trying to be offensive.

Boy scout leader Mike Mancini, a veteran scoutmaster in South Dakota, told the Des Moines Register that he thinks the current dress code is “not going to be the answer for our society.”

Boy Scouts and other American Christian groups are protesting the new dress code and other restrictions by wearing T-shirts in public that say “Boy Scouts” on them.

A similar T-shirt, saying “Girl Scouts,” was also worn at the recent National Girl Scout Jamboree.

At the National Boy Scouts jamborees in June, a banner was unfurled in front of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., calling for a return to “the Boy Scouts.

That’s where our boys are.”