Ars Technic’s Weirdest, Hilarious, and Most Interesting Stuff

The most hilarious and most interesting things we’ve been reading and seeing in 2016, in our opinion.1.

The New Yorker magazine article “What to read when your mother isn’t around to read it” -New, Feb. 18, 20162.

The Atlantic article “A Guide to the Worst and Most Popular Newcomers” -The Atlantic, Feb 19, 20163.

The Guardian article “The 10 Most Anticipated Books of the Year”, Feb 20, 20164.

The Hollywood Reporter article “How to Get a Job: How to Make Your Career Happen in the Year 2020” -Hollywood Reporter, Feb 21, 20165.

Wired article “10 of the Best Books of 2016”, Feb 23, 20166.

The Verge article “11 Best New Novels of 2016 (and Why They’re So Good)” -The Verge, Feb 24, 20167.

Forbes article “Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Kindle Fire” (and yes, I know, Forbes actually does list “finance” as a category), Feb 25, 20168.

Forbes piece “How To Be a Better Investor” -Financial Times, Feb 26, 20169.

The Telegraph article “Ten of the Most Fascinating Newcomer Books”, Feb 27, 201610.

The Washington Post article “It’s time for an old friend to come home” -Washington Post, Feb 28, 201611.

The Economist article “9 Ways to Find Your Next Best Friend” -Econoblog, Feb 29, 201612.

BuzzFeed article “15 Things You Should Never Do Before You Die” / “Here’s How You Should Be Spending Your Summer” -Slate.com13.

Newsweek article “You Are Your Best Friend’s Worst Enemy” – Feb 30, 201614.

New York Times article “Why the U.S. Should Stop Selling ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ to Middle Eastern Children” -NYT, Feb 31, 201615.

The Independent article “Are We In the Middle Ages?”

-The Independent, Feb 32, 201616.

The Observer article “20 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About The Internet”, Feb 31.


Washington Post “20 things to know about the Internet in 2016”

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