A look back at the top 100 astronomy magazines of all time

I’ve decided to look back over the top-100 astronomy magazines for all time, as the time of the magazine’s inception has been relatively recent.

The top-10 magazines I chose are the ones that most closely match the magazine I chose, and the rest are just there to fill in the gaps.

In this article, I will also include some of the other top-50 magazines that I have collected over the years.

The top-ten are: Astronomy Magazine 1958-1962, Astrophysical Journal 1961-1963, Cosmic Ray  1962-1963 (reprints of Cosmos and Newton’s Third Law), New Scientist  1959-1964 (reprint of The Big Bang), Cosmology  1968-1971 (reissue of Big Bang),  Scientific American 1963-1966 (re-reissue)  Cosmophysics  1965-1967 (reissues of Newtons Law of Gravitation and Theory of Everything), The Astrophysical Review 1963 (originally published in 1963), Science  1964-1966, The Royal Society 1963, and Cosmo  1966-1968.

In the end, these magazines have helped shape the modern astrophysical universe.

I will cover them in the next article.