Which are the worst male-dominated magazine covers?

It seems every week the internet is filled with news about the state of the world and the plight of women.

This week, we asked readers to choose which male-controlled magazines have the worst female-dominated covers.

Here are the winners.

Cosmo Magazine (Australia)This cover by The Australian is a clear example of what we want to see when it comes to women.

Its cover depicts a woman in a dress, with a bikini top, which is a big, fat “D” above the breasts, the word “M” in the center and a big “X” in front of her.

In the middle of the bikini is a “M,” and below that is a very small “X.”

This is the kind of thing that is supposed to make women feel good about themselves.

It’s also not what we would consider the kind that makes us think of a “hot” woman.

The cover also has a huge “X”-shaped “D.”

This makes it appear as if the “X”‘ is in the shape of a gun.

And finally, there is a red dot at the top of the “M.”

In the next panel the word is superimposed, which makes the “D”-shaped top look like a “T.”

Cosmo also uses a “C”-shaped background, which does not do a great job of highlighting the boobs.

The magazine also includes a caption about how it was the “perfect” time for women to get dressed up.

Cosmo magazine also has one of the worst covers of any magazine in the world.

It depicts a very big, big, flat, flat-screen TV, with the words “SALE” in big letters in red letters on the front.

In front of the TV is a huge, big “D,” and in the middle is a tiny, tiny “X,” with no “X’s.”

The TV is very much in the wrong size.

Cosmopolitan Magazine (United States)This is another one of Cosmo’s “perfect times for women” covers, and the reason why this one wins is because the words on the cover are so small.

It is the size of a basketball and has a very wide font.

In this case, the font size makes the word look very small, like it was squeezed into a fist.

The word “BOOB” is also superimposed.

This cover was also used in the first episode of “Sesame Street.”

It is very obvious that Cosmo was trying to be “feminist” with this cover.

The big, wide font on the right is also very big for a magazine cover, so the word looks big and very out of proportion to the words.

Cosme magazine (United Kingdom)The title of this Cosmo cover is a reference to the fact that the UK has a “sex-positive” government and it’s very popular with the public.

So it’s no surprise that it is one of our favorite covers.

However, Cosmo does not give us a hint as to how it came about.

The headline reads “A woman’s first impression.”

Cosmopolitan also uses the word in the headline as “FABULOUS,” which seems to be a reference.

The “D’s” and “X’s” are very small.

Cosmetica Magazine (Canada)This photo of a man wearing a bikini and a dress with “A” in red on the bottom of the dress is not very sexy.

However this cover by Cosmetique is a perfect example of how to “feminize” a female image, especially when it’s the kind women want to look like.

It has the word on the dress that says “DANCING.”

In front is a picture of a woman dancing and a picture on the side of the woman, which shows her wearing a top and a bikini.

In between the two pictures is a photo of the same woman wearing a shirt and skirt.

There are also two words on both sides of the picture.

Cosmétique has also included a caption saying that the magazine is a brand that “believes in the power of women.”

The caption is very, very strong.

Cosmasmagazine (United Arab Emirates)This Cosmo photo of two women dancing in a bikini, in front is very hot.

However the headline on the magazine says “CULTURE” and it says that the photo is part of “Fashionweek.”

This covers is very popular in the UAE.

In fact, it was named the “Best Female Style Issue” by StyleWeek.

However Cosmascan’s headline on this issue says “FASHION WEEK.”

The title of the article is also a reference, as it says “It’s Fashion Week.”

In reality, this article is about fashion, but the “F” word on this cover is super-imposed.

Cosmopolitans headline reads, “EVERYONE IS A FASHION.”

This cover is very revealing.