‘Tiny’ is now the most watched TV show ever on Facebook, according to research

The TV show Tiny is now America’s most watched show ever and the number one for the past week.

Tiny is the second most watched series on Facebook in the US, according with 9.5 million unique viewers.

A similar trend has been observed with movies such as The Hunger Games and Divergent, and it is now seen by the majority of Americans, the study found.

The study, from comScore, said that viewers were watching about 7.3 million videos and 1.6 billion images on the social media platform in the first week of September, up from 7.2 million and 1 billion videos in the previous week.

It was followed by the popular drama series Homeland with 1.7 million views and the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine with 1 billion views.

It’s not clear how many people watched the original Tiny in the States, but the series has since been renewed for a fourth season, according comScore.

“Tiny has become the most-watched TV show of all time,” said the company.

“It’s been watched more than any other show on Facebook for over six months.

And with the recent popularity of the film The Hunger Gates, the series is now viewed by nearly every single American, including Millennials and Generation Z.”ABC News