The Rolling Stones: The Rolling Stone Magazine cover story: ‘We were in love with the idea of the cover’

Rolling Stone magazine has released a cover story that delves into the life of the Rolling Stones from their early days to their current status as an international juggernaut.

The article, titled “The Rolling Stones,” chronicles the band’s rise from the New York City hardcore punk scene to their global appeal.

It features photographs, stories and lyrics by Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Brian Jones, as well as interviews with the band members and their contemporaries.

Jagger, who played bass for the Rolling Thunder during the early years, has been named the magazine’s most influential writer, while Dylan, who wrote the cover story on the Rolling Stone, has received the magazine in its 10th year of publication.

In a statement, Rolling Stone CEO Mark Steyn said, “The band is the most important band in the world today and we want to give the Rolling News readers the story behind their iconic covers.”