Playboy Magazine: It’s the new Playboy: What’s in the Box?

Playboy magazine has a new issue of the magazine that will include interviews with some of the company’s top stars including model and actor Ronda Rousey and rapper Jay Z.

It’s the first time in the magazine’s 75-year history that the brand has made a foray into the world of celebrity.

“The latest issue of Playboy is an exploration of the ‘Playboy’ lifestyle, including lifestyle and career news, fashion and lifestyle advice and what you need to know to take control of your life,” a Playboy spokesperson said in a statement.

It will include interview subjects ranging from Caitlyn Jenner to Ronda Riggs.

“It is a celebration of the art of being who you are, and is packed with news and interviews that will delight and empower readers,” the spokesperson added.

It comes after the magazine had to cut ties with model Jessica Alba after she posted a video on social media that appeared to mock the model’s nipple-enhancing surgery.

Ronda Rouseies appearance on the cover of Playboy’s new issue, titled “Playboy: The Next Generation” comes amid a backlash against the magazine over the past few months, with some people claiming that it’s a platform for bullying.

Rousey has previously spoken out against the controversial content in a video for The Guardian.