How to see the moon with binoculars

When you want to see how the moon moves around its axis, there’s no better way than with a binocular.

We’ve already covered how to use binocular vision to see stars in the night sky, but a new video from the National Astronomical Observatory of Australia (NAOAA) is the first to show you how to see a lunar eclipse with a telescope.

The video shows how you can see a solar eclipse with your binocular, and then uses your phone’s camera to capture the eclipse from above.

The camera captures the eclipse in the centre of the Earth, but it’s easy to zoom in and out and see the Moon’s phases.

You can also check out the moon’s motion with the moon in the background.

The video has been uploaded to YouTube, and is currently up for debate as to whether it’s an accurate depiction of the eclipse, or if it’s just a hoax.

You can watch the video here:The video is also available to view online, where you can watch how to find the moon and its phases.

If you want more eclipse details, there are more eclipse tutorials for beginners.