How to get more money from your magazine

The Maxim magazine is the place to go for sports news, video and feature stories on the best and brightest stars in the sport. 

Maxim’s website lists the top 20 men’s golfers and women’s golf, and offers some of the most popular videos and stories on sports. 

A few weeks ago, I got to spend a couple of days with one of the magazine’s senior editors, Robyn Bowerman, who had been working at Maxim for more than a decade. 

It was during the summer of 2019 that I first saw the Maxim logo in a sports section.

I knew I had to find out more about it, so I did.

In the years since, I have interviewed the magazine and its employees and found that there are some great stories to be told, but there are also a lot of challenges.

What are some of Maxim’s challenges?

First, the magazine is owned by a media company called Time Warner Inc. (the parent company of CNN, CNNMoney, Fortune and many other media outlets), which means it is subject to strict editorial control. 

I’m also not allowed to ask the magazine about its editorial direction, and I don’t have access to the company’s data. 

While the magazine does not publish content that may offend, it also is not supposed to promote a specific political position.

Second, Maxim’s goal is to give readers a better understanding of the sport they love, and it is an imperfect endeavor. 

To help people understand the sport better, it is not able to provide comprehensive coverage of the game, which is a result of the way it is presented. 

In an article about the importance of sports-specific programming on sports networks, Maxim acknowledged that it does not cover the sport “as a whole” because it does so by focusing on the biggest stars, and thus misses out on a lot more stories. 

The problem is that the sport is not really that big, and if you don’t cover it, you don