Glock 17, the new pistol from Glock, gets the new safety feature

Posted May 11, 2018 06:29:10The latest news from the world of firearm safety comes from Glock.

It has announced a new feature that allows users to manually lock and unlock the gun using a flick of the wrist.

The company has been working on the feature for some time and has been testing it on its newest pistols.

Now the company is ready to show off the new feature on its most popular model, the Glock 17.

The feature works on both Glock 17 models, the 9mm and the .40 caliber.

The slide locks and the slide release function is separate.

You need to hold the slide open to be able to fire.

The function is activated by holding down the slide back lock.

The Glock 17 has a magazine release on the slide, so if you lose the slide and you need to load a new one, you can do that without the slide closing.

The slide lock works by pulling the slide lock lever up and locking it down.

The lever can be pushed down and the gun will fire when you need it to.

The new slide release feature is on the new 9mm, .40 and .45.

The .40 model has a lever that sits at the rear of the slide.

If you press down the lever and release it, the slide locks down.

You can also press the lever forward and the pistol fires.

The .45 model has an option for a sliding lever on the side of the frame that you can pull down and release to slide the slide into the frame.

The option is on both models.

The Glock 17 comes with an additional safety feature that can be turned on or off.

The safety feature activates automatically when the slide is closed.

When you want to fire the gun, you simply pull the slide to lock the slide in place.

If the slide does not lock in place, you press the slide forward to open the slide locking system and pull the gun back to the firing position.

The gun is locked in the shooting position and it is locked when you pull the trigger.

The trigger is a rubberized pull pin.

When the trigger is pulled, the gun locks into the firing mode.

The new feature is a little more complicated than the previous slide release system.

The trigger is designed to be easy to control.

It is a two-stage operation.

You first push the trigger, then the gun moves up, then you pull it back.

The first and second stages are separated by a sliding bar that slides back and forth.

The gun is then released from the slide by pushing the slide out from underneath the trigger guard.

The safety feature is designed for semi-auto pistols, which are designed for use with a single trigger pull.

The firearm can fire from one side of a semi-automatic pistol, or it can fire in both directions.

The feature works best with a pistol that is designed with the trigger to fire from the left side of your body and a gun that is meant to fire in either direction.

The system is activated automatically by the trigger push and release and is programmed to fire when the trigger releases.

The system can be set to fire automatically only when the pistol is fully loaded, and only when you press and hold the trigger down.

To use the new slide feature, simply press and release the slide pull lever.

Once the slide lever is pulled forward, the pistol slides into the pistol frame.

Once you pull down the trigger release, the system fires.

The switch is programmed so that you only need to pull the button once to fire and the next time you pull up, the trigger will fire again.