Country Living magazine’s first issue is on sale!

In honor of Country Living’s first month, Polygon has got a special issue of the magazine, called Country Living: The First Issue.

The first issue will be out on Wednesday, September 22.

It features cover images from the magazine’s previous issues, including one featuring a scene from the movie American Gangster, which is set in the late ’90s.

Here are a few more photos.

Country Living: the first issue, featuring the scene from American Gangsters movie, is out in full.

The issue also features a few images of the cover, including a look at the cover of Country Life’s first, July 2017 issue.

It also features some images from a different issue of Country Live in June 2017, which featured a shot of the first cover of a magazine called the New Yorker, with the headline “The Future Is Here.”

That cover was published in July 2016.

In a tweet sent to Polygon, Country Living said it will be releasing an early print of the issue, and that it will include the cover image and the words “We’ve Come, We’ve Lost.”