What you need to know about eating disorders, including what to do if you or someone you love has one

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Learn about eating disorder prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and more.


How to talk to your doctor about eating disordered behavior 1.1 When to call a doctor about an eating disorder 1.2 What to do when your doctor doesn’t have a good answer 1.3 What to expect from the doctor 1.4 When a doctor isn’t a good fit 1.5 How to ask a doctor for help 1.6 How to get a referral from a good eating disorder specialist 1.7 What you can do if your doctor won’t take your diagnosis seriously 1.8 What to tell your health care provider if you’re a person with an eating disorders diagnosis 1.9 What you should know about people with eating disorders who are treated in the U.S. 1,100+ articles