Glock 19 magazine is a $400 piece of shit

A new twist on a standard Glock 19 magazine.

A new twist.

A Glock 19 mag, which looks like an empty gun, with the gun in a magazine holder and a clip.

The new one, on the other hand, looks like a real Glock 19.

A Glock 19 Mag, which is actually a fake Glock 19, with a clip on the end of the magazine and a fake mag on the front of the slide.

A fake Glock.

A pair of fake Glock magazines.

A real Glock.

This is actually not a bad design.

The fake Glock is a little smaller than the real thing.

The Glock is not designed to be easily disassembled, so it’s pretty easy to disassemble and reload.

The real Glock will probably take longer to dissemble, but it’s also much more difficult to pull the real magazine out of the grip and slide.

There are a lot of cool things about this design.

It’s the same size as the real one, but the slide is shorter, so the grip can be used to reload it.

The magazine is thinner, so there’s less room for the trigger.

It makes for a much smaller magazine, so you can shoot less frequently.

The slide stops the slide from moving too far forward when you hold the gun.

The clip is shorter than the actual Glock 19’s.

And you can reload the magazine, without having to put it away and reload it again.

The downside to all this design is that it’s a really, really, REALLY expensive mag.

A fake Glock magazine costs $1,200.

If you have a real one and a Glock 19 one, that’s $700, but if you have both, that costs $2,000.

It also makes it more difficult for people to get hold of one of these fake magazines.

(This is not a knock on the fake Glock, either.)

You could just buy a fake one.

But that’s not an option.

The most popular fake Glock 17 mags are sold at $400 apiece.

There’s a reason for that: They’re really, truly cheap.

The only real Glock magazines are $800 or more.

The Glock 19 looks a lot like the real Glock, but there’s no real Glock on the market with a genuine Glock 19 on it.

So instead of using a real magazine to fire a fake, you just need to use a fake.

It is a very good idea to use fake Glock Mags when you need to reload your Glock 19; they’re not as bad as real ones, and they’ll take up less space and keep reloading quicker.

(In theory, the real and fake Glock can interchange magazine clips.)

The other advantage to using fake magazines is that you’ll never have to worry about someone finding you a fake magazine.

If someone finds your fake Glock on eBay, they can use that Glock to buy the real gun.

If they want to buy a real gun, they’ll need to find a fake gun first.

And if you find a real weapon on eBay you can’t buy a counterfeit one, since the real firearm won’t match the fake one in terms of serial numbers and serial numbers on the original.

(The fake Glock only has the serial number on the back, so a fake firearm might have that serial number from another Glock.)

You can find lots of fake gun parts, too.

There are fake parts for Glock 19s, for example.

The more expensive fake Glock mags tend to have the more elaborate serial numbers.

The ones on eBay are less elaborate.

I would imagine the only real thing you can buy is a fake version of the Glock 19 and a real version of a Glock 17.

You can buy a replica Glock 17, too, if you want to make sure you’re getting exactly the right gun.

A couple of years ago, the ATF and the National Firearms Act required that magazines that contain more than five rounds be made from a specific material.

A plastic shell, for instance, would be banned.

And now, as a result of the Second Amendment, all magazines must be made of plastic.

The Federal Trade Commission is now cracking down on fake gun magazines.

But the Federal Magazines Manufacturers Association has not.

The F.M.A.A.’s president, Jeff Anderson, says that there are too many fake magazines out there.

“We can’t just take down the Glock magazine,” he says.

“I’ve got to get it off the street.

I’m just going to make a big fuss about it.”

That’s exactly what he did.

Anderson is a lawyer, and he’s very popular with gun enthusiasts.

He has an email address,, that has been flooded with gun-related posts and questions.

I have contacted him and asked him if he’s going to ban fake Glock Magazine magazines.

He says he hasn’t thought about it, but that he will if Congress passes the Second Amendments