Essence magazine: New ‘essence’ magazine covers ‘sensational stories’

By KEVIN BRUNNERA, Reuters U.S. fashion and cosmetics retailer Essence is relaunching its newsstand in the United States, with its first issue slated to be released on Monday.

The company said the issue, which will be released to its online store on Tuesday, features stories about its best-selling products and the latest fashion trends and news.

It is the latest in a string of relaunches by the company that includes relaunched editions of its magazine The Essence Experience, Essence Women’s, and Essence Men’s and a re-launch of its Beauty, Health and Beauty Insider app, according to the company.

The newsstand will also have a new section on beauty, health and beauty advice, along with a section on fashion and lifestyle.

The relaunch comes as the company faces scrutiny for its alleged use of unpaid interns at its flagship retail stores in the U.K. and the U .


In response to the controversy, Essence said it would “fully reimburse the interns” as part of a $1 million settlement.

Essence has also faced criticism for not offering paid leave to employees in some countries.

The company also said it was taking steps to ensure the safety of its workers.(Reporting by Kevin Brunner; Editing by Andrew Hay)