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Letters: Letters to the editor about design, and the design industry in general.

article The best letters about design are those that get the point across.

And those that are as engaging as a column on the design site The Verge.

We’ve collected some of the best of them below.

In the spirit of The Verge, we’ve compiled a collection of the letters we’re most impressed with from the best-reviewed architecture magazines, architecture websites, design magazines, and online design communities.

The best letters:Design and architecture magazinesLetter: Letters from the editors about design.

In-depth analysis, insight, and advice.

Letter: Letters about design and the industry in particular.

Article: An interview with architecture and design writer Mark Daley.

The piece discusses the challenges he faces in writing about architecture, the importance of design as a way of making art, and how he chooses to present it.

Letter: A letter from a reader who asked to remain anonymous.

The letter’s title and subject line are a bit cryptic, but you get the idea: “Dear Architect, I’m a long way from the land, but I want to be able to write a piece about architecture in your language.

I love architecture and I want your work to be accessible to anyone.”

Article: The first letter in the design letter from Design and Architecture magazine.

In this essay, Daley explores the architecture and architecture design industries as an extension of the design process.Article