The Advocate’s New Style Guide is “not the magazine we wanted it to be”

The Advocate is trying to make a splash with a new style guide, and its editor-in-chief is looking for feedback from the community to help shape its direction.

The magazine’s editors are looking to share their vision for the magazine, and to “discover what makes The Advocate unique.”

A preview of The Advocate Style Guide was published this week, and the editor-at-large, Lauren LeDoux, spoke with Buzzfeed about the process behind its publication and its vision for The Advocate.

BuzzFeed: What inspired you to write the Style Guide?

LeDoux: It’s been an iterative process.

We wanted to create something that was more of a magazine than a magazine.

We were looking for the kind of magazine we loved as a reader, but also as a magazine that was going to take the news seriously, so that we could all share our stories.

And also to tell stories.

A lot of our stories have been told before.

We want to be able to tell those stories again.

We also wanted to make sure that we’re not trying to be too preachy or too conservative.

We just wanted to tell the stories that people want to hear, that people are interested in, and that we want to tell them.

I think we have a great community of people in the magazine and it’s great to have a lot of voices in the editorial team.

We’re really trying to help people hear what the magazine is all about.

I think it’s interesting that you mentioned before that we wanted to capture what people wanted to hear.

I guess we’re trying to do that too.

When you think about how we present the news and what people are talking about, I think you see it in the way we’re presenting stories, the way the editorial staff are presenting stories and the way that we tell stories on social media, and so forth.

There’s an incredible amount of opportunity to capture that.

We’ve been doing a lot over the last year of listening to what readers want to know, what they’re interested in.

I’m particularly impressed with how our readership is changing, especially in urban communities.

When we started in 2017, the number of people who read The Advocate was less than 2 percent.

Today, we’re at over 9 percent.

I love how the number is growing.

And I’m really excited to hear what you guys think.

The Advocate has been publishing its style guide for about a year now, and it looks like it’s a big part of its strategy for the future.

The new style guides are designed to address readers’ needs, LeDouvess told BuzzFeed.

They’re not the magazine you wanted it for, but they’re a way for the editors to make it happen.

I was actually at the press preview last week, when I had lunch with Lauren LeDaoux, who is the editor of the magazine.

She said, ‘We’re going to be updating this guide to reflect what you want it to reflect.

We have a big focus on what readers think about our content and what you think of the articles we publish, and how we can make them better.’

So, I’ve been listening to that and listening to all the feedback that we’ve gotten, and we have some big changes coming.

The Style Guide has become a way to help us understand what our readers want, and what they are interested, and then to create an environment that is inviting for everyone to be part of.

LeDouveys comments about the Style Guides are pretty interesting.

She talked about how the new style has evolved since its initial launch.

The style guide is now, in part, about the new reader, she said.

It’s now about how readers will respond to stories.

It will be a lot more conversational.

And it will be very much about how people want stories to be told.

LeDeoux also spoke about the editor’s office’s work on the guide.

They’re looking to make the content better.

For instance, the style guide will include an editor-approved hashtag, and an editor will be able say something about a particular story and the hashtags that the story’s using.

That will give them more context for stories.

They want to do a better job of using those hashtags to really engage with their readers.

And we’ll also be updating the style guides to reflect the changing user experience and the changing needs of the people that use the magazine to create their stories.

The idea is to get people to use it, but to also get them to use the article more broadly.

We’ll be working on the design of the new Style Guide so that it’s more relevant to the reader and easier for them to read, and easier to understand.

The next step is the redesign of the style section.

The editors are working to get that ready to go.

I know that a lot is going on.

But there is still a lot to be done. I can